For so long in my life, I invested my time, money and energy in an achievement system  I realized I had outgrown. Even though I was “succeeding”, I was over-thinking everything. I was stuck in my head and detached from my heart.

Despite achieving what I had set out to do, I found myself totally depleted of energy. I had no peace or sense of genuine fulfillment. I was lacking a deep connection to myself,  rushing everywhere, and feeling like my time was not my own (even though I owned my own business). I felt like a victim of all the responsibilities my achievements carried. I was stuck at the surface, with absolutely no breathing room to even begin to figure out how to change my life and reconnect with my heart.

This work started as a longing for more clarity, lightness and ease in my life, but it’s developed to a process of re-writing the achievement system I live by, and creating an ongoing practice that keeps me in alignment with what matters most, so that each decision, big and small, is connected to a deeper truth.

In doing this work, I found teachers along the way, and I haphazardly forged my path. I learned that, even though there are no quick fixes or one-offs to get this kind of freedom and clarity, there were certain things I stumbled upon that catapulted me forward, and resulted in “aha” moments. There was a structure that actually made the transformation stick. 

The Canon Code is a framework that can guide, support and fast-track this type of work so that those who are feeling lost, stuck or stressed can break free more quickly than if they were on their own, stuck in their own heads, or haphazardly dabbling in finding their paths.

The 10 Dimensions of The Canon Code are grounded in a deeper awareness than most people or companies operate with. The framework excavates old beliefs. It calls-out assumptions so they can be faced, challenged, and re-written. This work is about peeling back the layers that no longer serve. It is about creating space, and finding yourself and your golden opportunity along the way.

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