When you yourself are the brand, you are forced to evolve in front of an audience that can sometimes be unforgiving. When you yourself are the business owner, you are measured against definitions of successful entrepreneurs and the iconic success stories so many industries have launched. The fear of mistakes can be magnified because your decisions are all constantly under the microscope by the world and by yourself. 

As your success grows, so too grow the stakes, the pressure, the sheer amount of decisions. It can be hard to connect with your heart when the business machine that’s become bigger than you is fueled by strategy, logistics, and the hard work of many heads. 

The success you have birthed, and the image you have created, define who you are, but yet somehow you can lose touch with yourself in this growth process.  

The result is a pressure cooker of your own design. Success can feel enslaving rather than invigorating and freeing. It can be difficult to take steps to re-define this system when, from the outside, it is working, and maybe even yielding wild success.

When it is your face, your name, your company, and your story, the escape hatches available to others are not options to you. But, if you’ve read this far, it’s because you are feeling called to something more than what you are currently experiencing. 

Transformation does not always need to be so drastic it’s noticed by the outside world. In fact, the most impactful transformation you can make is first and foremost an internal one so you can find the lightness, fun, ease and contribution that changes your experience of the world around you. It is about having a new framework to guide your decisions so you can lead yourself to create future circumstances, in your work and in life, that are deeply fulfilling for you.