Your customer is in a perpetual state of personal evolution. And so, your brand must be, too. This is for all of you out there who steward brands into the future.



The Enlightened Consumer's Manifesto


I want to buy things that are in alignment to who I am.


I am willing to seek these things out. 


It is thrilling when I happen upon them.


I am sometimes willing to pay more for them, but I am not willing to pay too much.


I am willing to upgrade the things that matter to me. Upgrading the things that don’t matter so much (to me) feels silly and sometimes a little wasteful. It doesn’t take me that long to learn the difference. 


I have more choice than ever. With each purchase, I am building the "Brand of Me". I know myself well enough to know why I choose one brand over another. Everyday, on purchases big and small, I am aligning my spending power accordingly.


I despise wasting my time. I immediately notice when a brand or company does not value my time. I am learning to only deal with such companies out of necessity.


I do not want an interaction with customer service at a brand to feel like an interaction with customer service with the cable company. Also, I do not want to interact with the cable company, EVER.


I choose brands that feel like an extension of myself and my beliefs. I fall in love with brands that stretch and expand my sense of self and show me new parts of me that I never knew existed.


Buying anything out of fear, haste, or because I've been made to feel I'm not enough without it, feels icky. 


I work hard for my money, so I don’t like to spend it on anything that makes me feel icky.


I don’t want too many belongings.


I don’t want too few belongings.


I want to live in the sweet spot of who I am.


I am in a constant state of evolution.

elizabeth canonbrands